Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painting under the ol' apple tree

We had a painting class yesterday ... in the back yard under the old apple tree. This is a very old tree but it still has lots of apples and mmmm mmmm good. I love that old apple tree.... and yes... it did drop a couple of apples on us ... and yes... I did occassionally bump into a low hanging branch ... that's all part of the fun.

50 % of the students skipped class yesterday .... too bad... they missed a good one. We had lots of fun The ladies, as you can see, were very smart and set up in the shade ..... that's my easel out there in the sun. I love being in the sun... it just feels so good (the shade felt good too during the breaks).

The paintig of the day was a local scene looking eastwards across the Carson River from the middle of the valley. This Valley has so many great spots. Country living (or small town living) is relaxing in itself .... but then to be able to ride the bike a short distance and be out in the peaceful meadows by the river really adds that touch of peace and inspiration. Truly awe-inspiring.
It doesn't take much .... go out and see some beauty today.
16x20 oil on canvas panel

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