Friday, July 29, 2011

Outing to Balboa Park

It was a great day for an outing so we went to Balboa Park and the Art Museum .... starting with the Coaster Train .... great view of the coast and the ocean from the upper deck... clean comfortable cars .. and , of course, the "ol geezer" price of only a couple bucks :-) ahhhhh such fun

the is the top of the station... right in the middle of the city ... then on around the block to catch bus #7

It was clean and light traffic for the middle of the city

balboa Park had a free trolly and a very amusing tour guide to motor us around the park and familiarize us with what and where of the park

We did arrive at the art museum which had 2 great special shows ..... Spanish art old to new and... Gustav Stickley... plus many other permanent hangings ... it was a great museum and the students enjoyed all the fine art

Some one was caught snaping fotos in the private showings :-)

On the grass in front of the botanical building there just happened to be a tribesman looking for dinner

We invited him to be a model at the atelier so he had dinner later on
We let ... tired but very happy for  a pleasant trip back and dinner at Whole Foods deli

Kindness, I've discovered, is everything in life. -Isaac Bashevis Singer

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