Monday, May 16, 2011

Jeff's brother

There is a class named "Painterly Drawing". I signed up.... thought it might help. It's a great class. Last week the instructor sat a cast head on a pedestal, turned on the light and had us do a lay-in in charcoal.... this week we finished the drawing with a charcoal white pencil ... which I think is chalk  ... so this is what it looks like ... it was done on some kind of tinted paper  ..... this is not the top work in the class ... it is the bottom of the barrel ... I am still the new guy and the least of all the students ... but it's still fun and my work compared with my work is ok :-)
the cast was actually Jeff's brother ... Jeff Watts is the artist who owns and runs the Watts Atelier of the Arts ... great artist and great guy.

                                           Charcoal and White on tinted paper about 14 x 18

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