Monday, May 23, 2011

Having Fun yet?

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. -Franklin Deleno Roosevelt

Keep on stirring up those creative efforts .... it will be a thrilling ride
Once when I was at a workshop painting a live model I could see I was not going to finish the painting before the end of the ssession so I slipped out my trusty camera and started taking some pictures ... I thought, " hey, she's sitting for us to paint it must be OK" .. alas, it was not OK and she had a fit, becoming very angry and yelling at me ...... there's nothing like getting in hot water.
From then on I figured I better ask permission prior to snapping the model. Then, currently, the models were all giving us permission to shoot them so I joined in the fun .... well, except the totally nude ones, they had a problem with some old geezer bringing out his big professional looking camera and clicking a bunch of pictures ... I never saw anyone shooting them so I did not even ask :-) ... smart, eh?
Then one day I raised my camera to shoot a make portrait model and he broke his pose and frantically started waving his hands .... I took that as a "no".
Evidently, some models are ok with having the artists shoot them and some are very much opposed to it.... those opposed want more money for a foto shoot. Fair enough. We're back to specifically asking each person because there is no other way to know.
Seems like I got in trouble a couple times shooting pictures in the art classes while the instructor was doing a demo.
Now if we are painting from a picture there may be other problems. If the artists takes his own pictures and there is no recognizable person in it's all his property .... if there is a recognizable person in the foto he may have to get written permission to publish or use the foto even on his blog.... dang, get's complicated ..... soooooo
it might be that sometimes I could publish a picture of the model or subject of my drawings or paintings then you could check up on me to see if my painting or drawing actually looks like the subject :-) ....... Jeff has repeatedly stated that when we do gesture paintings likeness is good but it is not the aim of the painting and is not really necessary ... heh ... I like that one .... remember, gesture painting is done in a very short time and is generally done to capture the mood, lighting or feeling at that moment.
Sometimes I may achieve a drawing or painting that may look fine... or even look like a beautiful person..... but not like the subject ..... now why would I want to ruin your enjoyment of the art just because it doesn't look like anyone in particular. :-)
Heh heh.
Fun huh? ... well, I have fun at this stuff whether if looks like anyone or not ..... sometimes it may actually resemble the subject :-)
This is supposed to be my friend John's grandson .... maybe best you didn't tell him it is posted here ... but then if he doesn't recognize him who would care.

                                                Charcoal on smooth newsprint about 14x18

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