Monday, May 18, 2009

Work in Progress 18 May 09

Ok ... so you thought I was not painting ... here is the work in progress. Fotos may not be so good but I just placed them on the easel and shot. I just started the Kid and his dog. I think it is 12x14. The diving seagull is a knife painting on a piece of panel. Sometimes I place the painting on the porch in the sun to dry but this one got rained on. Seems like the panel has buckeled a little. I'm brushing the bird over the knife painting. The rest of them are oil on canvas board. of various sizes.

This one is a knife painting on a piece of wall panelling.

The foto of my painting
of Baron is a little paler than the actual painting. When I finish it I'll try to get a better shot.
That's it for now. Do something you like... even if it's only 5 minutes a day.

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