Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sometimes in the journey of life we meet one of those unforgettable characters that we love and can not forget. My ol' buddy John is one of those people... just a great guy that generates only good memories.... like the national parks we visited.. the wild bears... the moose .... the trip to Boston in his Dad's 49 Buick which was the longest car made up to that date (or some such thing). John is one of those happy guys who laughs a lot and enjoys life. Well here he is ... painted by Unocchio from a picture that seemed like the size of a postage stamp ... so if the details smack a little of artist license that's the way it goes. Thanks for sending the pictures, John .... and thanks for all the good memories stored in the memory bank. Hey... you all look up someone you haven't seen in years ..... brighten up their life and yours.

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