Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunshine after flooding rains

Well the sun shines again here is Florida. Enough already with the liquid sunshine ... I like the rays much better. See me up there on the roof patching? I didn't think so ... but I was there... everyday for the past few days attempting to patch any obvious leaks that I can see. Today I let it dry good. Tomorrow I inspect again to be sure I got 'em all. So how did I find the leaks.... easy ... I stood on the porch during one of the storms enjoying the view...... then.. ping, ping... drops of water landing on my head, quickly running over the side and down my neck and under my collar. Nice. I like that. If it had been any more I would have stripped down naked and taken a shower right ther on the upper deck. Ahhhh... but today the sun shines again.... and tomorrow and the day after that. The weather chanel says by Wed we should have clouds and maybe a 30 % chance of showers. OK. Tuesday I'm outta here.
The cloud picture is the last day of the big rain storm. This was a record breaking storm for down here ... but there is always some beauty somewhere ,,, lokka dem clouds.... magnificent!!
Go look for something beautiful today and smile.

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