Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sunny Day

At 8:15 am it was 21 degrees outside. Remembering long, long ago back east it was not nearly that cold but my nostrils would freeze as the artic air slipped in my nose turning the snot into multicolored ice formations
like an ancient cave filled with stalagtites and stalagmites. ... my eyebrows gathered cakes of wet snow until they sagged down my face nearly blocking all vision ... the tip on my nose so red Rudolph would have been proud and my fingers by that time would not move. I peered out the window again. The sun was bright and glistening off the new-fallen snow across the meadow and over the hills. It was totally frozen.
OK. I'm going for it. Layers and layers of what I figured would help keep me warm I bundled up. By now I look 100 pounds heavier but these are light weight garmets. Forcing my way out the ice-jammed storm door I carefully stepped across the sheet of ice that covered the deck.
 Hey! It wasn't really all that bad out there. In fact, it was very pleasant. No frozen nose. No blast of artic air paralysing my throat. I loved it. A short walk down the driveway and to the highway and back was wonderful. Can't always rely on old memories..... just get out and go for it today.

Heh heh ... Aric, you'll just have to deal with this  :-)

Oil on wood panel 9.5x10