Monday, December 20, 2010

Loving Winter

Offically Winter is not here yet... but you just tell that to the weather outside :-)
Yesterday it rained all day... a lot... and the wind blew somewhat briskly ... the weather man thought it would blow up to 70 mph ,,, but what does he know, really? ... it may have been up to 40 in gusts,,, heh heh ... and that's enough to get water in lots of cracks. I don't like to be wet and cold... just never seemed right to me ,,,, now warm souther rain, that's a different story... I like that. It's good to do things we do not especially like once in a while so yesterday, in the afternoon, I bundled up and took off in the pickup to the gym. Going to workout I like very much ... it's going out in the blowing, cold rain that takes extra effort ...... It wasn't long before I worked up a sweat and felt REAL good .... after a stop at Trader Joe's it was back to the cabin.
I was glad I did that for several reasons..... maily, it snowed during the night and today did not warm up much... the driveway is a sheet of ice... the windshield is fronzen over ... the highway is slicker 'n glass .... the internet is down taking the telephone with it ... I painted, watched a gesture portrait training DVD.... ate a hot lunch with a Winterfest brew while a movie played... then painted some more.
Not where I want to be yet but still working on it. No live model today,,, just photos. A week form Wednesday I want to start painting with live models with the Portrait Society of Reno222 got an invite several weeks ago.
Next Wednesday I meet a local Endodontist... now that should be great.... it must be fun being in a business where all your patients hate to come see you .... maybe the money compensates for the alienation.
Keep smilin' no matter what :-)

oil on canvas pad 9x12

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