Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Over the hill and down the road

Today, bright and early I rushed around getting my painting things ready to drive off to the weekly live-model painting sesson of the Portrait Society of Reno ... unfortunately yesterday it rained a lot here, then froze up very solid.... the wiper blades were frozen to the windows... the windows were covered with a thick layer of ice .... we can deal with this we think.... then... we find the doors are frozen shut... both sides ... time is running short and there is no way to get there even close to being on time. ... No meeting next week so we'll have to catch it later this month.
The sun is shining brightly... has been all morning .. so the ice should be gone after while :-)
I'm not going anywhere else today anyway so it matters not.

OK... so you saw my bananas painting before but I had to shoot this one .. I'm preparing to do more food still life paintings and saw the bananas all lined up there on the counter top with the old painting in the background ... interesting, eh?

Monday I painted and did a few other things around here before leaving for K's house. Had a great dinner there and spent the night so we could get up early Tuesday to head over the hill. Weather reports told us to expect rain and/or snow. We got both. Rain here in the valley and snow at higher elevations. As long as there are no problems, traveling trough a snow storm is  very exciting ... especially when we make the first tracks.

We did not make the first tracks here ... but close ... it was a light storm and we were right in the thick of it all.

We are much higher here and leading the way... slowly, very slowly.

On the return trip in mid-afternoon the snow was still falling. there was no one fishing the river in Hope Valley today.

Sorrenson's seems to always be busy .. even today in the middle of a snow storm their place is packed... good for them.

Finally heading out of the hills and down to the valley ... not long after this scene we left the snow, arrived in the valley with it's cows feeding in the pasture and hints of green grass here and there.
Great to be back ..... oh yes, and the dentist cleaned me up good and did a minor repair. I'd really like to keep as many teeth as possible until I'm 108 but sometimes I have to wonder about that.
Enjoy you're day.

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