Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up, Up and Away

Today was another great day of Summer ... took a back road tour of Carson Valley ... got some pictures of the mountains and saw some of the eastern hills from a view new to me..... also got a personal tour of Jim's hanger ...WOW ... what a place!
It was so clean you could eat off the flour ... and look at those planes he rebuilt! The small white one is a French jet.... very cool...and I got to sit in the back seat...never thot I'd ever sit in a military jet.

The other plane has 2 engines and was used in Viet Nam..... even had bullet holes in the tail ... gone now, of course .... but this plane is a little beauty. When Jim got it it was in pieces and in very rough shape ... looks like new to me now.
Always something new and exciting happening around here....y'all come back!

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