Saturday, August 14, 2010

A cheezy deal

Swiss Cheese

I never thought the moon
looked like Swiss cheese.
From Pennsylvania it’s merely
a cloudy marble brushed
with blue. But if I ever
saw a moon sandwiched between
rye and Lebanon Bologna,
I would spread sunny yellow
mustard atop
and give you a taste
of my universe.

adapted from a writing by  -Wes Ward

There are still tomatoes on the vine here.... and many more blossoms out there on the plants .... love those fresh tomatoes. Now if I'm making a sandwich a little fresh basil and some raw milk cheese makes a drooling temptation... So here is a small tomatoe sitting on top of the raw milk cheese from Trader Joes. These will end up in my salad along with a half dozen other fresh veggies.

oil on canvas board 4x6

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