Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out for a hike... or a walk... or something

Today I went for a little walk and a bike ride... maybe a couple miles just around part of the valley. It's great to be back even tho it was loads of fun staying with Kay for a few weeks... she sure does serve gormet meals .... made me want to stay longer :-)
While staying over in the other valley I did get out for a few "hikes" .... more like walks or strolls but I did get out.... the pictures will take you along with me
The desert is not all white sand for endless miles .... altho there is some of that but not here locally.
The days were warm and the nights were cool .... could not ask for anything better ..... but it did get better .... Zabrina and here troups dropped by for a visit last week .... but that's for another post ....

You have a good day .... and get out there for a walk :-)

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