Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When all else fails

When all else fails, we are told to follow directions ... what if there are no directions?
then what? ..............
Shoot from the hip?
Run like hell ?
Ask you spouse?
Look it up in Wikipedia?
Keep trying till something works? .... dang... that could take a long time .... this can't be the most efficient way of learning .... this would be "trial and error" ....why not buy the knowledge from someone else who already went through all the tedious labor and anguish of doping it out or who learned it from someone else?
There are still "teachers" out there who think learning by watching without any explanation is the best way to learn ... they gotta be kidding! .... just because you see someone do something does not mean at all that you can figure out why or how they did it so the students are left to trial and error learning if they want to learn and do what they saw.
Sometimes parents might think a child can absorb  simply by being exposed to something ... hmmm ..... what if the kid has no idea what you are doing and especially he can not possibly dream of why you are doing it ... teaching includes far more than "see and do" . especially when things get a little more complicated.... explanations, coaching and a little help goes a long way in learning and teaching.

Weather has cooled down here to unseasonally cool .. high 60's ... but that's still OK .... a friend from Truckee said it was snowing up there just a day or so ago :-)

There is now a small heater in my room to take off the chill and dampness .... works good for me ... feels a lot better

Today was a "one class day" .... a painting day which is more relaxing ....ok... so today's piece painted with a live model may not seem all that great but it is a 6x8 portrait..... portraits are a challenge even in a larger size... but a 6x8 is much more of a challenge for a number of reasons for Unocchio ... I was not sure I could even paint a portrait this small but I got thru it.

Take care of the little things in life and the big things will take care of themselves .... at least someone thinks that is true

Oil on canvas panel 6x8

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