Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the way back I stopped in AZ

The other day on the way back from Florida I stopped in to see Zabina and family which is always fun. Traveling across I-10 and manuvering around the freeways of Phoenix might tend to give an ol geezer a very warped view of AZ so Zabrina drove me out of town for a day.... and what a day! I've passed thru Sedona before but never took the time to stop and smell the cactus... there is probably a rose there too.... and I never lean too alwfully close to that cactus when I take a smell.
Sedona is just like you always imagined from the pictures in "Arizona Highways" magazine.... only better when you are there in person. I love those red rocks jutting out of the desert floor.

Alright..we're here!.... nice to have a marker.

Not all the cactii are red so I had to shoot this one.

The amazing red rocks of Sedona .... they aren't everywhere... and even in the Sedona area they have selected a few choice spots. Amazingly there is a creek running thru the desert in that area where folks can take a dip and slide down the rocks into the cool refreshing water. Cheyenne, Savannah and Jordon all took a dip.

Where the creek slowed down and got a little deeper young and old lined up to plunge off the high rocks. Here you see Cheyenne taking the plunge.... pretty brave for the young lady... I think she was the youngest I saw that day taking the high dive. No... I did not leap off the cliff... I didn't want my camera to get wet :-)

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