Friday, June 11, 2010

Coast to Coast

A couple days ago I was on the pacific coast down by the sea ..... yesterday I visited some of my favorite spots on the Atlantic coast as you can see

Here is the ol' place.... sporting a shiny new roof which you may not be able to see but notice the Sego Palms are gone... the nightblooming jasmine is gone... the orange and lemon trees are gone.... the bamboo has been removed... the power lines are now underground..... things are happening .... oh yes, that is a huge dumpster in the driveway.... the garage/carport has also been removed.

Stopped in St Augustine... visited the art gallery and the light house..... since the Skunk Train of Ft Bragg Ca was still fresh in my mind I had to take a foto of the visitor train ... also went to the St Augustine Beach which was beautiful... it was a great day to be one the beach

This is Goordon's house in Ormond Beach on the Halifax River..... very unique and hidden in the trees. He keeps his tug boat donw by his private pier.

Of course the pelicans flew by.... they always do.... then on thru the sand dunes and to the water's edge

I love going to the beach!

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