Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is where I like to be

Leaving early for an exciting ventures is something I like to do.... so yesterday I left Sonoma County and headed south. In the early evening I landed in Sand City. Like a well trained bird dog I headed right for Borders. Who knows how I found it within one minute of leaving the freeway ... Highway 1. Borders offers lounge chairs and free Wi-Fi (eats if you like the menu and the price). Staking out a spot I settled in figuring I'd be there until closing (11pm). It was comfortable, warm and the net connection was good. What more could we ask for. ...... and there were several other homeless folks hanging out carrying on a lively conversation.
After camping for the night I continued on to Asilomar State Park and Conference center. Quite a place.

Arriving many hours early I scoped out the joint, found the Wi-Fi connection and then headed out for the beach. This is a better place to relax and connect to the net than Borders..... but Borders and the Sonoma County Library are good too..not complaints there.... this is just better

Always look for the winding trails over the snad dunes .... doens't it just make you want to wander over there and see what's over the dune?

One of the locals told me that we are having unseaonalbly warm weather here now .... now that does not make me unhappy in the least. It is soooooo nice here. A great change from Reno or even Sonoma County.

Typical California coast ... I love those rocky clifts and crashing waves. .... makes my heart feel good

I always take pictures of the gulls. They are so interesting.

This is the crashing surf that Florida wishes they had other than the hurricane driven storms. I could sit and listen to this all day.

To the south and north there was the misty fog so often found on the coast making a dramatic scene out of a clump of trees

This is just the start of my week ... it's going to be a good one.

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