Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's me again!

Hi Guys
It's me again. Someone suggested that the blog page was a way to let y'all know I'm alive and doing something so I'm back. July was Reno is art town month... lots going on. ... but I was without my truck for most of the month. I think I got hosed. The mechanic changed an expensive electronic thermostat, the water pump, the sending unit before he figured out it was a clogged radiator ... but then it may not have been a clogged radiator... it may have been a bad radiator hose that was collapsing. I'll never know.
I visited the artists lofts in the old Riverside hotel a week or so ago.  Very interesting. It was converted into apartments some time ago... that didn't really work out so the mad the apartments into artist lofts. Now they are very interesting. Several artists opened their doors for visitors so we paraded thru.
Scenic Nevada held their annual Quick Draw ... a pleine aire paint out session where we sold the paintings at auction at the end.An interesting bunch of artists and a group of fine people showed up. The crowd was not as big as last year and most of the collectors were not there so the prices were somewhat lower. Sold all of the paintings anyway.
The Artist's Coop had their Rockin' Out show. this was a show where basically the paintings wre about rocks. I entered some of my little Arches paintings.... actually sold one.

Urban Roots, which is a charitable organization, had an open house during the Art Town festivities ..... live music, a tour of their gardens and an auction. One of my paintings was there.

The above painting is an artist's view of the pass just South of Gardnerville heading up into the HighSierras.

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