Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes good things happen

Long-range studies imply that doing something with other people, especially something for them, is the most powerful of all stimuli to longevity and health.-Jon Poppy

Sharing what you have is more important than what you have. -Albert M. Wells, Jr.

... and I believe that .... so in light of sharing I put together a series of art classes... once a week for four weeks... to share some of the info that has been shared with me.

The first class was attended by four ladies ... there is one more who intends to be there for class 2. The ones in attendance for the first class were a fine group of very educated and talented artists. The class was well received and generated  some very fine compliments for which I am very grateful.... best of all, I was able to share with them some information and techniques which, on the most part, was entirely new to them. We all had a terrific time.
Even if all the information presented was not new, going back to the basics is still a very worthwhile endeavor. We can not review the basics too much.
Of course I worked very hard preparing for  the class ... many hours of study... many hours of internet research and documentation .... many hours drawing and preparing demos and examples. It is my great pleasure to be able to share. I want to be sure to have something worthwhile for everyone. Personally I feel their level of artistic skills is far ahead of mine which makes them able to take this information and run with it ... this information and technique will certainly help them produce even better art. .. it is something they will never forget.
The class was a definite success.

Generally my artwork is something that only mom and I enjoy ....  however..... occasionally someone else actually likes it.

The piece below was entered in the Nevada Artists Association (NAA)  Fall show which is running as we speak. The artists' reception will be on 12 November 2011. Evidently the judge liked my piece well enough to award it first place ... the blue ribbon ... and cash !! .... and yesterday someone walked in and viewed the Fall Show and bought my piece. I really appreciate the vote of confidence. They are so kind to me. Thanks folks.

Meanwhile I am busy drawing and painting ... who knows... perhaps something else worthwhile may come off the easel.... nevertheless .. I am having fun painting and drawing.

Yeh, you saw this before on the blog but now it's gone  :-) .... Janet, we hope you will enjoy this for a long time.

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