Saturday, September 3, 2011

If not now, when?

If not now, when? -Talmud

Heh... as the years pass this takes on new meaning ... take it from me, the ol' geezer :-)

Today I went to Torry Pines State Park to meet some friends and do a little plein air painting..... it's a great park right on the pacific ocean ... cliffs and all ..... and the oldest Torry pines we;ve got ..... it's like the mountains run right up to the edge of the sea then drop off... of course I took my camera along.
Well somehow I did not get hooked up with the others so I hiked the trails and took lots of fotos ... it was a great day ... I will have to paint some pictures from the fotos... but that is for another day.
Oh yes, in the morning I attended Jeff's portrait class .... those other painters sure are good .... it's fun being there just to watch them paint ... but I painted too. Jeff stopped by and looked at mine..."Why did you paint it so small?"
I have never painted one this small before... thot I'd give it a try....
the head is only 2 inches high... I wasn't sure I could even see anything that small let alone paint it .... but I'm happy with the results ... it actually looks like him... next time I will paint a little larger :-)

Oil on canvas board

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