Wednesday, April 27, 2011


With work and a few other things going on I haven't really been out there painting.... so today I got out and did a warmup of the cactus plants in bloom. My little 6x8 did not do them justice but a few more quick sketches and maybe I'll come up with something... anyway, it was great fun being out there in the sunshine and dipping in the paint.

We do some 20 minute lay in which is comparable to a gesture painting in oil...... just go full speed ahead for 20 minutes and get the basics of the model. The following is Jeff Watts, the instructor,  demo drawing one day

This is one of my drawings from a live model ...... I don't remember if this was a 20 min piece or not but probably is.... the models sit for 20 minutes and then take a break

It.s always nice to live where there are flowers and beautiful gardens .... edge of the driveway ..... a cool walk meanders thru those flowers

Some of the flowers... more coming later .... fruit trees are in bloom and the perfume fills the air

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