Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Really great Spring weather is back so it's time to get out the bike and cruise the valley. I always take the camera along because there is always something to shoot. It is not uncommon to take over a 100 pictures on a short ride. This is my 6x8 sketch of a typical sight. Even tho Spring is here, not everything is green yet and that's ok. there is something peaceful about all those different browns and greens blending and transforming. Green here in the high desert country is a little different than the green Spring-time fields just on the other side of the High Sierras in California. There are many alfalfa fields here and irragation ditches but somewhere close you'll see the sage, poplar trees cottonwood trees and some oaks. that's not all , of course, but you get the point. There is lots of color out there.
Grab your bike and take a ride.

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